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FestiFair Application

Vendor Details


While this is not a juried show, we choose vendors based on criteria such as product offering and the number of vendors selling a similar product. Should your application be deemed incompatible you will be notified and your application fee will be refunded.


Event Standards:

To be accepted, the applicant must have handcrafted items or food to sell. No political booths will be accepted. All proceeds from vendor sales will belong to the vendor. No commissions will be assessed. No subletting/subleasing/sharing your space without permission from FestiFair Coordinator. No vendors or their representatives shall conduct themselves in a manner offensive to general standards of decency or good taste. FestiFair representatives reserve the right to screen all booths and exclude inappropriate items. In the event of inappropriate behavior, the booth will be forced to close and all fees will be forfeited. In the event of bad weather, or local lockdowns, there will be NO REFUNDS. (ALL BOOTH RENTAL FEES AND CONCESSION SPACE FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE) If you are absent from the event without canceling, you will not be invited back.


Permits, Licenses, Insurance and Taxes:

It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to obtain the necessary permits, licenses and insurance required. Vendors are expected to carry their own insurance coverage to protect their merchandise from damage, loss, or theft during the event. Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying Ohio sales tax and for reporting earnings to the IRS.



Vendor set-up times will be determined by your space number. All booths must be fully set up and operational from 9 am to 4 pm. Vendors are expected to provide, transport and erect their own tents, tables and displays for their space. FestiFair does not provide tables, tents or chairs. Do not tape, tack, or otherwise affix any materials or signs to walls, trees, lampposts or other surfaces on public or private property. Canopies may be anchored by cinder-blocks or sandbags.


During the Event:

All products must be confined to the area assigned to you. Do not block storefronts or sidewalks in any way. Do not play music in your booth, as it is distracting to other vendors. No open flames or candles.

Tear Down:

Tear down will begin only after 4 pm. Space must be left clear of all materials and other refuse. You MUST take your trash with you.


Vehicles are not permitted to drive through the square once the event has opened. IN THE CASE OF A LOCAL EMERGENCY OR INCLEMENT WEATHER, FOR SAFETY REASONS DO NOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE THROUGH THE EVENT UNTIL THE STREETS HAVE BEEN CLEARED OF ALL PEDESTRIANS! The fine for this offense is $100.

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