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Live Your Dream.

On behalf of the City of Marysville, the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership, and the Marysville Entrepreneurial Center, we are pleased that you are considering Marysville for the location of your business. We are committed to helping you succeed in this exciting, yet challenging, endeavor. If you are in the early stages of launching your business or are an entrepreneur wishing to bring your concept to market, the Marysville Entrepreneurial Center (MEC), located at 129 North Main Street, is an excellent resource. We highly recommend that you contact the MEC to schedule a FREE and confidential business assessment. You may schedule your appointment by calling 614-989-2429 or by visiting


For your convenience, we also offer Open for Business! A Guide to Opening Your Business in Marysville. This guide is full of resources to help you on your journey to business ownership right here in Marysville and Union County.


Available Properties

As is typical in many growing communities, the commercial vacancy rate in Uptown Marysville is extremely low. Because available space is difficult to find, we urge those considering opening a business to first contact a local realtor or the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership.

Residential Development

In recent years, many people have expressed a desire to live in and around the Uptown District due to its thriving business community and amenities. Unfortunately, there are not many residential options currently available. To promote the development of more residential options, in 2016 the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership engaged a consultant to complete an analysis of the feasibility of developing rental housing and condominiums in Uptown Marysville and Downtown Richwood (a neighboring community). The analysis determined that a market exists for multiple development alternatives, such as market-rate rental housing, mid-rise residential buildings, upper-level lofts, and townhouses. The complete analysis is available for download: Comprehensive Downtown Housing Analysis

Financial Resources & Assistance

We understand that the bottom‐line is critical to every business. That is why we offer the Community Reinvestment Area Program to businesses that make an investment in our community. We also work closely with businesses to identify additional resources, such as the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit, and the Ohio CDBG Economic Development Program.


To begin your journey, please contact the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership by calling 937-642-6279.

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