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Leave your mark on history.

The Uptown Marysville Historical Marker Program in 2017 in partnership with the Union County Historical Society. The program was formed to commemorate individual buildings such as schools, industrial and commercial buildings, private residences, houses of worship, and others that hold special significance for the community. The program also recognizes the inclusion of Marysville’s Uptown District on the National Register of Historic Places in February 1978. 

This program offers an opportunity for owners of historical structures to obtain plaques that display information about their properties. Although there are certain requirements for participation in the historical marker program, the display of a marker on a structure involves no legal implications. The attachment of a historical marker to a structure does not mean the property cannot be altered, sold, or demolished. However, please note that historical markers are assigned to a structure and is not awarded to a person, family, or individual business. The marker stays with the structure even if the occupants change.

The goal of the Uptown Marysville Historical Marker Program is to not only help identify historical structures but also educate the public about individual structures that make up our community’s rich architectural fabric. 

Marker Locations - as of 8/20/19          Constructed

  • 131 South Oak Street

  • 131 North Main Street

  • 302 South Main Street

  • 110 South Main Street

  • 230 South Main Street

  • 117 South Main Street

  • 127 West Fifth Street

  • 275 West Fifth Street

  • 606 West Fifth Street

  • 232 West Fifth Street

  • 120 West Fourth Street

  • 246 West Sixth Street

  • 254 West Sixth Street

  • 127 West Sixth Street

  • 261 West Ninth Street

  • 246 West Sixth Street

  • 254 West Sixth Street

  • 127 West Sixth Street

  • 330 West Sixth Street

  • 128 West Fifth Street

  • 118 West Sixth Street

  • 210 West Fifth Street

  • 509 West Fifth Street

  • 637 West Fifth Street

  • 504 East Fifth Street

  • 270 West Seventh Street

  • 503 West Fifth Street

  • 811 West Fifth Street

Who Operates the Program?

The Uptown Marysville Historical Marker Program is managed by the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership in conjunction with the Union County Historical Society.

Description of Historical Markers

The markers are oval and measure 8" x 4.25." The markers are 0.153 gauge cast zinc and have relief lettering – silver text on brushed black background. The markers are front-mounted with screws. Each marker will contain a reference to the date the building was constructed and its location within the Marysville Historic District. See example below:











Cost of Historical Markers

Each marker costs $120.00. Each property owner bears the responsibility of cost, installation, and maintenance. Once an order is placed, the marker is non-refundable.  

Marker Installation

For uniformity, markers should be affixed (1) on the street-facing side of the structure and (2) approximately 6-feet up from the sidewalk or ground level. Every effort should be made to ensure that the marker does not damage brickwork. Screws should be placed within the grout, not the bricks. There are no City permits required to purchase and install a marker.

What Structures Are Eligible for the Historical Marker Program?

Commercial buildings, government offices, churches, civic buildings, and homes constructed prior to 1970.  

Ordering and Payment

The property owner sends a completed application and payment (a $120 check made out to the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership) to: Historical Marker Program, 227 East Fifth Street, Marysville, OH 43040.


Review Process

Once the application and payment is received, the date the structure was constructed will be confirmed by the Union County Historical Society. Upon approval, the marker will be ordered and delivery will occur within 3-weeks to one month.


Additional Information

For more information, or to order, please contact the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership at
937-642-6279 or Email.


Each historical marker is produced by the VisionMark Nameplate Company of New Bremen, Ohio.

Actual marker, not to scale





























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